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Versuri Murdergram
- Dmx


Niggas is dead, dead I tell you, can't be serious
What you think is gonna happen
with three of the illest niggas together
Street music and so fourth on one track, huh?
Can't be serious, it's murda nigga, huh, it's Murda.

Motha f***s wanna kill me but don't got the heart
To look me in the eyes with the nine and spark
Cause whether your for or against this
When I spit with murderous intentions, everybody goes everybody knows
The weapons I possess they not for show
And you put dresses on your weapons when you walk out the door
See once I flash mother f***s better do the one shot dash
Or be one shot a*s
J to the A-Y to the drive by to your hood screamin bye-bye to you
Why would you f***k with me
Knowing I put you six feet deep and them niggas could die wit'cha
Cock the hot pistol and pop the hot Cristal
And promise you only one thing, to not miss you
Jahova know the god that served ya
Cause dead or alive when I arrive it's Murda

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