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Versuri Inc anthem
- Dmx

[Intro: Jay-Z]
Whut the F***?
Niggaz, Ya'll Ready for this
Bitches, Ya'll ready for this
Ha, alright. Let's bounce.

[Verse 1: Jah Rule]
I'm startin' to flow
You know,
That's what niggaz wit do do, yo
Red means stop, Green means go
Right now I see green
You wanna stop
Oh No
What are you anyway nigga, Friend or Foe
Don't F***k wit me, or I-N-C
Nigga, what the f***, are you crazy
Can't believe dat s***, tryin' act swayze
You'd be better off lazy
So shut the f***k up right now, and maybe
Murder I-N-C will show mercy
Cuz first b
We don't f***k wit' dem, uninterested niggaz
You know who I'm talkin about
Those niggaz that started to bust out
Soon as our first joint came out
Holla Holla, if I could have a Dolla
for every Nigga that hated me soon as I-N-C was on Blaze
But I don't give a f***k
I said not a flying F***k
Ja Rule, Murder I-N-C, make ya say Whut Whut.

[Hook: Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and DMX]
The Murder I-N-C
Yeah Nigga
Just you and me
F***k around
Catch bullet from me
Cause There ain't no f***kin' around
Whenever the I-N-C is in town [3x].

[Verse 2: DMX]
(Dog growling, then Barking)
D-M-X, my dogs gonna bite you
Gonna f***k you up, just cause they like to
How the f***k you gonna f***k around wit' organized crime
God damn, we live what we speak in every f***kin' rhyme
Yo, Ja (What the Deal, X?)
Here's a twenty, go get me a f***kin' dime
Now, back to this murder s***t
Light my fuse, my teeth begin to grit

Party wit' my crew, f***k you
You ain't playin' wit no screw, or a smack
cause when I attack, I never take back
Anything bad I do or say, cause yo that s***t is wack
And I just luv when you niggaz bring your whole crew
It's just sme more beef to stick you to
and F***k You, now it's plain to see,
It ain't to smart f***kin' wit' Murder I-N-C.


[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
Dem Niggaz ain't prepared
For dis s***t we prepared
got every nigga scared
cause of all the f***kin' s***t that we shared
And don't none of them niggaz
wanna f***k around
We're never gonna find a common ground
Many niggaz wanna know, does murder sound like this
We're three Hip-Hop Philanthrapists
but, we don't give no muney, we don't give a f***k so..
When the light is green
It's time to go
I don't care who you know
You still payin' full price, to our show
F***k no, I won't give 'em to you free or with a discount yo
You ain't gettin' nada from us
Cause niggaz always get a lotta money from us
That ain't the thug way
Nigga, don't try and play
Hold the f***k up, are you gay
Well anyway
It's time to say
final goodbyes
and one more thing, this s***t I just rapped about
and none of it are lies
Next step is to come in, f***k your boo
when I'm through
all she'll be able to say is Jigga Whut Jigga Who
and ask her who her man is
she'll tell you
She'll put her finga on the trigga
pull and yell Jigga my Nigga.


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