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Versuri Dizzee Rascal - Respect me

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Eyes, Rah boi, (people are gonna respect me if it kills u), its loud (loud) people are gonna respect
me if it kills u X3 (background- yeh, ppl r gonna respect me X2, i bet ill make u respect me X 2)

Verse 1
Yo look, Do it how they didnt wanna do it now they wanna try and do it but im telling them NO!
Im in the predict my way imitators wanna take my stow and have a bit of my flow, Look this
copy-cattin on my lyrics and my chattin better stop it before the gunshots blow, do u really want
it? coz i really wanna give it, if u do just let me know!
And i show Arrogance and elegance but no, tolerance from non sense, i bring, violence im a nuisance,
killah MC leave no evidence, Ive got brains and intelligence but no, conscience no innocence we
roll, in da dark and silence, where presidents in da any residents.
And I swing fee with chin wiv no hesistance, im a cats and u better bring ur regiments, me im fairly
i dont have no relevance, im'ma tramp ur winner and victor prick ur soul not ready, so silly, so
hidden from the golden gate, no really u man keeps on playin with AIDS not the really warfare its
the purpose i carry this stick for, plus ive had enuff of these lil' cheap comments from fake MC's,
bad minders and sket ladies, talking about how it used to be well its a brand new day, so leave me
be, i dont need u so u dont need me, ur opinion dont interest me, dont like me thats fine by me coz
>From holly street to hollywood its all good, from new york to ur cool its all cool, ur a fool if
u think im gonna seize now honestly could there really be peace? It dont seem that way too tough,
stop with the games i play too rough, u must be smoking too much puff, divert ill be decease. UK
Rapper stabbed in Napper, Cause of gossip, cause of chatter, hes still breathin hes still a dappa,
retaliate with gun clapper, truthfully i cant see very well, dont flatter urself ur any gal, them
boyz should of sent me to hell now prepare for the peace!

If people are gonna respect me, i bet ill make u respect me X4..... People are gonna respect me if
it kills u.... (i bet ill make u respect me)

Aight verse 2

Endless speculation im facin, constant contaversial relation, too done crimer garage events, with so
many claims and no evidence, suggesting im the reason for da UK gun clap season, Im legal i may
stress for the fool for the sake of trying intelligence go ahead, check my files all day, bit of
criminal damage and TDA, might be a lil' bit of violent disorder, but i aint never been locked away
(no way), gotta few mates that r being convicted yeh so what its the hand life dump them, we werent
blessed with the systems TLC government should have tried to help them, Been a law breaker aint
tryin to hide it, as for the sentence aint tryin to ride it, stop that so i could do this, im legit
u may aswell kiss my A-S-S, P-L-A-C-E, im L-E-G-I-T, u aint got nuttin on me, but to the pricks who
think im slackin, please dont ever be fooled im packin, this is a welcome and its a warning, please
dont ever just think im just rapping, u know the score, im raw from days, still Dylan the villain
from mile end way, feel free to cope anything i say, please dont ever just think im chattin...


Yeh I know ur thinkin is gone 2 far now aint it, F***k it, If i dont speak who's gonna speak 4 me?
Stand up 4 myself in this s***! So F***k U! Unapologetic, Cant be, never have been, wont be a
prick..... yeh thats it....

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