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Versuri Dizzee Rascal - Jezebel

trimise de Denysa2000Denysa2000.

Yo, look, look, look
They call her jezebel
you might find her in your neigbourhood
Always in some s***t
Up to no good
Constend bulls***t braging to her friends
Juiced every boy in the ends
Gettin' outta school
She would turant every day
Always on the link
Different boy every day
Missed mathematics she was doing acrobatics
But not gym class
She was gettin' dogged fast

Yo, they call her jezebel
Friends call her sket behind her back
She never knew the clock
She was born of track
Tight top short skirt thinks she's to nice
Hates love but she's been digged in twice
Pass with, whoe can't keep her legs closed
Always on the creep
Now she's in too deep
Now she face's neglect, abuse and rape
And subnectic killer
As she try to ascape

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