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Versuri Dizzee Rascal - Fix up, look sharp

ha ha ha ha ahaha ahahaha


Fix up look sharp
dont make me paint a bitch
something get park
hit the button see the squark
duck down, lay down just (get on down)

I got the big beat
I hear the sound
I got the big beat (Dizzee Rascal!)
I get on down

I've heard the gossip from the street to the slammer,
They're tryin to see if Dizzee stays true to his grammer,
Being a celebrity don't mean s***t to me,
F***k the glitz and glamour, hit um' with the blix and hammer
Because they're talking Black Russian,
Talk behind my back but to my face they say nothin',
Stand up in the Parks, keep a firm, steady stance,
Keep the beanies touchin, keep the beanies hot flushin,
Flushin MC's down the loo,
If you dont believe me bring your posse, bring your crew,
Feel free to hate cos i ain't tryin-a be your mate,
Be serious, you wouldn't last an hour in my shoe,
It's an Air-Force-One,
Trainers by the truck load, trainers by the tonne,
Don't blaze when i catch you by your J's,
Chump, best to act like ferret skunk, best to run!


I stay sweet as a nut, sweet like Tropicana,
When a hammer hits, your head splits like banana,
Your not ready for this girl,
You better send your best boys, cos this is Captain Rascal!
More destructive and troublesome than ever,
I'll probably be doing this, probably forever,
Fellas wanna stop me they'll probably come together,
Its probable they'll stop me, probably never,
You Topman, Topman, hard toppa toppa,
Come to me, front, that aint true, come a cropper,
I'm old school like Happy Shopper,
I fight old school, bring your bike and your chopper,
And a First Aid Kit, and some antiseptic, this could get hectic,
I'm a done accept it, you got a bright future,
Dont let my s***t affect it!


Fix up!

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