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Ohh... oi it's real out hear
like noone undastands sometimes,
like people can see whats really going on, like people just going mad infront of me u get me
Everyones growing up 2 fast,
friends don't undastand us, adults dont undastand us noone undastands us.
We just live 4 what we do like (it's real) its raskit (YO), shout to all the man dem (YO) i'm reppin
i'm trying listen (YO).

Sumtimes i wakeup wishing i can sleep forever, I spend my whole life trying to pull myself together.

Trying to reinsure myself dat i ain't going mad, i got come to a conclusing it's now or never.
Sumtimes i wake up wishing i could sleep for years, I've been through anger pain, blood sweting
You think dat anybody in my possien would be glad (yea u would), quite the oppasite more worrys more
Sumtimes i wake up wishing i could sleep for days, its like im lost in luv im only init coz it payz,
I find myself back on
road things are getting bad, more and more i'm going back to my own ways.
Sumtimes i wake up wishing i could sleep for good, and if i had the gutts to end it all belive i
Its getting boring always being missrable and sad, S**T i would luv to be palite i really i could.
But lifes impressions always get me down, theres not alot to smile bout so i frown.
And i talk a big whole heap of badness, because my life is a big whole heap of madness.
I've seen alot maybe more than i can take, under pressure everyday trying not to break. (ooohhhh)
But i'll survive because it's wot i do best (get me), i'm a challanger put me to the test.

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