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Versuri Dizzee Rascal - Cut 'em off

Socialize in a crucial sitiation (and negotiate)
I cut em off [x2]
Review the situation take part take over [x4]

My name is Rasket listen to my flow
I socalize in Hackney or Bow
I wear my trousers ridiculiously low
I love females, money and creps
Im kind of street wise i think that you should know
Your not a bad boy your puttin' on a show
Your talkin'bout creepin' up on Rusko
So keep creep crawlin' cus' im takin' big up steps
My name is Rasket listen to my slang
I socalize with the crew and the gang
Roll utes on the street is where i hang
I'll make you collapse leave gaps in your face
Your in your neighborhood thinkin' that your nang (oh please)
Got your people thinkin' that i'm dang (oh please)
But if you try it ill make a ratchett bang
You could never outplay me im an ace
Im not a smoker but i blaze alot
Sit around puffin' waste my days alot
But i shouldnt waste time couse i aint got alot
Im' just lazy
Im not a ratchett but i bang alot
Got a couple beanies that i slam alot
I make em' happy with my fingers and my hand alot (finger)
Im just crazy

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