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Versuri Divine Regale - Underworld

trimise de AlexuttzaAlexuttza.

fairy tales my father told me
when I was a child
of evil dragons that filled the sky
engulfing the land in flames

but in every tale there was a hero
who like me, was a child
he would find his courage
stand alone
and see the dragons slain

once upon a time
a time we know today
and yet another tale
a boy and his father traveling
through the city
detour pulls them through
a hidden reality

wide eyed horrified
the child's eyes
nightmare awoken
the fantasy's broken
decaying buildings
and crying children
frozen hands surround
the burning cans

I said father can you tell me
what is this place I see before me
this is the underworld my son
this is the land beneath the city
it will disappear
just close your eyes
it isn't real it's not alive
this is the underworld

now years later
the memories still strong
the day I witnessed what the
dragons had done
my father's tale had come to life
am I the child that makes it right

I've seen the magic dragons and
their many evil forms
so rich and unfeeling
they've all become
I'm just a child so young
I'm no army I'm just one

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