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Versuri Divine Regale - Shadowed words forgotten

trimise de LorynaLoryna.

skating in a circle of confusion
facing the days
and nights to come
tracing my steps
and feeling I've been here before
wishing to find a switch or just
slam the door

synchronized cries
somber lives
shadowed words forgotten
found a little place
to tuck it all away
I found a place where it can stay
is that the answer to it all

fraying rug on the floor
tattered and worn like
the nights before
I can't seem to find it
but I can't seem to hide it
I know I can't break it
I just want to smash it

there was a place inside of me
a place I never knew I had
confronted by my fears
my barriers broken down
this was all left revealed

in a way I don't know
why we bother
do we love to hurt each other

we go through life to love
we go through life with hate
will we go through life alone...?

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