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Versuri Divine Regale - Horizon

trimise de VivienVivien.

walking through my memories
recalls a time in my youth
pacified by imagination
innocence saved me
from the truth

I find myself upon a ground
I haven't visited in years
now a stranger
where in my youth
I grew and conquered my fears
distractions from the present
comes rushing in
and the pressures to succeed
are here again

fear over taking me
I'm frightened at
how far I've come
since yesterday, soothing presence
comes over me
voices calling to me

climb aboard the wind
set your sights beyond
what lies upon the horizon

I turned to find myself alone
alone to stare back
at the things I've done
forever locked into a place in time
and never to return
except within my mind

time is precious
I've not a moment I can waste
each day I take from the future
I add to my past
I'm frightened at
how far I've come
how long will I last

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