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Versuri Divine Regale - Forever changing winds

I lift up my head
to the scent of the air
the wind grows darker
it's heavy fingers in my hair

they'll be here soon
the rains are near
I can hear their voices
cold whispers in my ear

thought I stand frightened
my heart beats stronger
taking my place
I will cower no longer

a man stands before his mother
left him the world to conquer
this wasn't how it
was meant to be
standing alone he couldn't see
leaving his sorrow oh her bed
left the seed within his head

so much time has passed
so many season's changed
standing here before you
seems so strange

staring out into your eyes
staring past the painted skies
are you watching over him or me
and the seeds from within
helping him to believe
in all the dreams that I've

though the sun shines brightly
he fails to feel it's warmth
strangled by faith
he grips the roses thorns
forever changing winds
he lifts his head from his hands
his face to the wind
it's heavy hands pushing him
forever changing winds
thieving in the breath
from his seams
and the dream that he dreamed

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