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Versuri Divine Regale - Change

an idea comes to mind
paint a picture for the blind
as the pen reaches the paper
and the words they
find their rhyme
am I hoping for an answer
while the clock ticks in time
ticks in time

I'm at the center of attention
will they feel the
anger in my words
will they feel the
passion in my voice
will my cries be heard

will I change the world
will I make a subtle difference
can I see the signs
will I change the time
I'm not trying to be the hero
will I change the world
can we change

an artist leaves his
dreams on a canvas
the poet bleeds his soul
placed upon a pedestal
with meanings they left untold
are they searching for the truth
while their hearts,
their hearts unfold
the stories told

did they escape into a painting
or within a simple rhyme
leaving the world to chase them
finding a piece of mind

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