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Versuri Divine Lust - Goddess night

trimise de Lore487Lore487.

Every night I remember
the grief on her dying day
cruelty and insane minds
made worthless all I could say

All the tears I dropped
cursed me all along
my emotions became so frozen
and revenge inside so strong

Senseless, my wounded heart demanded
what your beauty could not deceive
a flood of blood I required
from the murders' ripped off hearts

Goddess night
when we shall finally unite
at last all tears are left behind
and just a memory of a bygone lifetime

Doomed by destiny we are
although passion still remains
who dared to keep us apart
just made it grow day by day

Eternity won't let forget
and so I'm yearning for the night
When my Queen with me shall rise
from all my Kingdom's glorious skies


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