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Versuri Divine Empire - Basher

trimise de VictoracheVictorache.

Victim of a crime Fueled by pure hate
Ski mask for disguise Violence your fate
Anger this will feed Now it's time to bleed

Your ways are sick Punished for your sins
No last chance for hope This your life depends
No way to escape Taken alive
Back to your closet Now it's time to die

Violence your fate (BASHER)
Fueled by pure hate (BASHER)
Anger this will feed (BASHER)
Now it's time to bleed (BASHER, BASHER)

Don't want to listen Deaf to words you speak
Confused and braindead Bathing in defeat
Should not have been born This world you infest
Your kind unwanted When your dead I'll rest

Beaten to the ground (BASHER)
Til' there's no more sound (BASHER)
Victim of this crime (BASHER)
Now it's time to die (BASHER)

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