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ft. Shawnna

[Shawnna talking]
Posted... aah... mo'fucca...
Posted... ah-ah... mo'fucca...
Posted... haah... mo'fucca...
Posted... c'mon... yo...

[Verse 1]
I ain't dat bitch dat'll be in the club
With niggaz actin' like itz sweet in the club
I'll bust a mo'fucca meat in the club
And bitchez steppin' on my feet in the club
Tryina see who they can freak in the club
A mo'fucca wanna speak in the club
Like a mo'fucca really know me in the club
Got my fitted on, chiefin' on leaf in the club
Look around, gotta see who want pee in the club
See them lame niggaz sippin' Don P in the club
When you smellin' 'gnac, matterfact, we in the club
White tee's and them Air Force, deep in the club
Throwin' up a sign, nigga wha, street in the club
Make yo head nod cuz my joint beat in the club
For them niggaz that'd spend they whole week in the club
And the bitchez dat be drunk and wanna beef in the club
And them hataz that'll see they blood leak in the club
You can't breathe in the club
It's called...

Post in the back, post in the front
Posted up outside, smokin' a blunt
Post in the window, blowin' tha indo
Post with my kinfolk
Post in the cut
Post in the back, post in the front
Posted up outside, smokin' a blunt
Post in the window, blowin' tha indo
Post with my kinfolk
Post in the cut

[Verse 2]
Yo... this nigga said this sound like some ole' N. O. R. E. s***t
Yea, I'm f***' wit that N. O. R. E. s***t
I'll be dat bitch in the drop-top, aqua-blue, gourmet??
E'rry nigga finna swore they here
We on the block and I'm [Grindin'] Jack
With a 50-pack and some 20's
Helicopters on dem hot Bentley's
Ain't got no time for these bitchez cuz it's over now
You ain't leavin' out in stitchez cuz I'm sober now
Hittin' Hot 97 with a hundred thou'
Bring yo main bitch up in it, I'ma run her style
Yea I'm cocky, thinkin' I plan, well bitch watch me
Post in the game, my niggaz on bricks got me
Put it on my kids, I did it for years, mami
Send it to my nig'z who doin' they biz, papi
Mo'fucca betta recognize some s***t
Cuz god damn, Def Jam shouldn'ta signed a bitch
That's why I'm....

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
When I'm posted in the hood, I'ma bang my s***t
Only real mo'fuccaz get to hang in the brickz
This fo'??
All my thug mo'fuccas keepin' weight on dem Kedz
It's called posted, nigga betta act like you know the gutter
Posted, niggaz see the Ac and the peanut butter
Posted, hoody with the black bandanna under
Posted, lookin' through the back for the undercover
Posted, even when I'm flippin' the spots
See the cops on the next block, checkin' my watch
Coupla shortiez in the parkin' lot, holdin' them rocks
It's a hood thang nigga, gettin' blown to drop
We all posted, keep it true, neva forget it
Nigga, post up, show them mo'fuccaz the bizness
I'ma post with my niggaz sippin' Remy and Guiness
All my real mo'fuccaz in the game gone feel this
It's called...

[Repeat Chorus 2X]

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