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Versuri Disturbing Tha Peace - Outro on ya a*s

trimise de BlackdemonBlackdemon.

Don't make me swang on ya bitch a*s
F***k around and pull that thang on ya bitch a*s
S***, I like to get to fightin witcha bitch a*s
Roll a blunt, get to lightin on yo' bitch a*s
Dealer baby, got a chrome on yo' bitch a*s
A. T. L. - I'm ridin home on yo' bitch a*s
You know me dog - just might stunt on yo' bitch a*s
Hell, later on my niggaz jump on yo' bitch a*s
And how we do it in the South on ya bitch a*s
Where niggaz pack and pull it out on yo' bitch a*s
Look, I'm quick to put the gator on ya bitch a*s
Flip the script and wear some gators on yo' bitch a*s
I take it back to the gate on yo' bitch a*s
Let niggaz seek and flip some weight on yo' bitch a*s
Bronson family some me love witcha bitch a*s
If you see me holla "Dog! " witcha bitch a*s
Bitch niggaz!

[cut-n-scratched: "Tity Boi"]

[Tity Boi]
I'm drinkin Cartier with my slick a*s
S***t I was born to be a playa with my slick a*s
Yo, you know I got game with my slick a*s
Give a bitch a fake name with my slick a*s
Yo, in case I need to creep with my slick a*s
You know I might need a freak with my slick a*s
I gave a cheese a whole week with my slick a*s
I couldn't tell nobody but this beat with my slick a*s
Yo, you see how I snap with my slick a*s
Hold these, switch tracks with my slick a*s
Yeah A-Town on the map with my slick a*s
F***k a pound, I gave 'em dap with my slick a*s
Yo yo, I got mad with my slick a*s
Two cars, one tag with my slick a*s
Yo yo, we at them bad with my slick a*s
So slick you need a cast for my slick a*s - you might fall!

[cut-n-scratched: "Fate know what I'm talkin about"]

[Fate Wilson]
Oh he so adorably cute with his short a*s
And he'll f***k the s***t up out you with his short a*s
Don't get it wrong, that thing long for his short a*s
Have you screamin "Ohh Lord! " with his short a*s
Yeah, you know he on parole with his short a*s
For stealin unattended hoes with his short a*s
You gotta watch him, he's so cunning with his short a*s
Spendin time of fittin hundreds with his short a*s
Runnin with Tity he be in the trap for his short a*s
Rollin off in big sacks with his short a*s
His britches sag to his knees with his short a*s
Bitch please! He a G for his short a*s
He don't pay so he get in for free with his short a*s
Stay reppin Godby, C. P. with his short a*s
Stay rockin Burberry and Gucci with his short a*s
Dough and jewelry shows and boobies
built to describe Lil' Fate's short a*s

[cut-n-scratched: "I be that nigga named Luda"]

Uh-huh, okay, uhh
Fresh off the scene on yo' puss a*s
Big pocket full of green on yo' puss a*s
So fresh and f***kin clean on yo' puss a*s
Hoes come and get like "DING! " on yo' puss a*s
Dinner time! Snatch the keys off yo' puss a*s
Start drivin with my knees on yo' puss a*s
Look at how the Royce Rolls on yo' puss a*s
Watchin out for pot-holes on yo' puss a*s
I know that I'ma get mines on yo' puss a*s
Ignorin every traffic sign on yo' puss a*s
I'm still standin 5'8 on yo' puss a*s
I'll increase the crime rate on yo' puss a*s (whoo!)
Luda quick to just creep on yo' puss a*s
Then turn around and take a leak on yo' puss a*s
God damnit, we'll cut the breaks off yo' puss a*s
Then do a show on Ricki Lake on yo' puss a*s
P***y nigga!

[cut-n-scratched: "Disturbin' Tha Peace"]

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