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Versuri Disturbed - Enough

trimise de Disturbed_RockDisturbed_Rock.

(We are frozen, We want everything)
(We've chosen to want everything)

We are frozen, we want everything
We've stolen in this suffering
And we told them to want everything
But use caution in what you believe
And we're haunted, deny everything
Controlling in this suffering
And we're broken, we lost everything
It's so much easier to leave

Taking hope away
Take my life away
Feeling nothing left inside

When you're out of time
In this lullaby
When your soul is frozen
It's had enough
When your heart is broken
A thousand times
Will that be only?
Is that enough?

We are frozen, we take everything
I'm taunted in this suffering
And our forces surround everything
Make it impossible to see

Taking hope away
Take my life away
Feeling nothing left inside


(draiman talk)

Feeling evil had a reason why
(insert line here)
Can't even comprehend the pain
Telling and pure

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