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Versuri Disney - Shadowland

trimise de EmostilEmostil.

(Fa see, le sou, lee ah, hallah led la) x2

1. Shadowland, the leaves have fallen
The shadowed land, this was our home
The river's dry, the ground has broken
So i must go, now i must go

2. And where the journey may leed me
Let your pray'rs be my guide
I can not stay here, my family
But i'll remember my pride
(Pridelands) I have no choice (Pridelands) I will find my worlds
(Please stay) My home (Pridelands) (Take me) Take this pray'r
(With you) What life's out there? (Fa see) My home (Le sou)


And where the journey may leed you
Let this pray'r be your guide
The winds may take you so far away
Always remember your pride

(African music and words)

And where the journey may leed (you) me
(Let this pray'r be your guide) Be my guide
(For it may take you) Take me so (So far away)
So far away (Always remember) I'll remember (your) my pride x2

Bless you all - My people, bless you all

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