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Versuri Disney - I'm gone

When life down here's a thundercloud
I take off for the air
I soar above the madding crowd
Without a single care
I'm not one to stick around
When problems start to brew
So see you later, navigator
I know just what to do

I'm gone (he's gonna fly)
I'm gone (adios, bye, bye)
Don't trouble me with troubles
Man, I'm gone (oh, he's gone)
I'm gone (wait a minute)
I'm gone (the sky's the limit)
I love to be above it all
I'm gone

My baby duck, she brings me luck
We dig each other's jive
I dip down low, and up she'll go
We never take a dive
And when I hear the engines roar
It thrills me to my soul
So hold on tight, I'm out of sight
Up here, I'm in control


(He's gone!) Oooh, yeah!
(He's gone!) Lay it on me, Jack!
(Don't trouble him with trouble, man, he's gone!)
(He's gone!) Solid, Jackson!
(He's gone!) You better believe it!
(He loves to be above it all, he's gone!)

(He's gone!)
It's my plane, Wayne (he's gone)
Check the wing, Bing (he's gone)
Pull the chock, Jock (he's gone)
Clear the way, Ray (he's gone)
Here I go, Flo (he's gone)
Watch the flack, Jack (he's gone)
Later, gator (he's gone)


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