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Versuri Dismember - Sorrowfilled

trimise de Rafy_JcRafy_Jc.

How this, my rightful palace
Has been fouled
With the dust
On countless innocent dead
Ornamented extinction
Of a soon-to-be soul
Stripped naked I run
From this ultimate goal
First I was warm
Then I drifted cold
I saw the afterlife
So ancient and so old

Hate the only true emotion
So should it be
So shall it be
Where the void is eternal
And life is internal

I was born a god
And will die as one
Without a pure soul
I cannot give sight
To their blind lives
But will only blind myself
And leaves me nothing
But sorrowfilled

The vastness I see
That surrounds me

I am one with infinity
Trapped in the world of formlessness
The world is dying
Nihilistic rage burns deep within

I am one with blasphemy

Trapped in the world of formlessness
The world is dying
Source of power kept free from sin

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