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Versuri Dismember - Mistweaver

trimise de AndreeavlAndreeavl.

I put the 9mm glock to your head
and gently squeese the trigger
blowing out your [***] brains
on the wall in all kind of crazy figures

So what are you gonna do now
you piece of s***t
(you're such a???)
how (***) stupid can a man be
you've should have known better

Weaving my world
from the cord of your soul
as i slowly f***k
the bullet exit hole
through the funeral mist
I drag you to my temple
dead yet so alive
living in my dreams

Nothing brings me greater joy
than the memory of when I
wiped that smile from your lips
the look of horror in your eyes
as I pulled out a gun
and pointed it at your [***] face

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