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Menstrual vampire - versuri Disfigurement |

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Versuri Disfigurement - Menstrual vampire

My dick will be your Tampax
I'm hunger for your blood
A p****s veiled vampire
Will suck your menstrual mud.
My dick is not so funny
But passionate and queer
A functional vampire pump
Is good for monthly needs

Oh yes! I feel the smell
It's going out of your s*xual cells
Why don't you spread your legs?
Just do it it's not a usual s*x
The inner blood-thirsty sucker,
Is what I think you need
Sewerage of my blood
Vessels will make you carefree.

Take me inside of your ache
Inside of painful bleeding c***.
Love me, cause I'm so p***,
Your p***y sanitary pump.
Your sappy appetizing secretions
Hemorrhage cascade to your feet
Oh, sweet female damnation
Fuel for my immortality.

I'm your v****l Dracula
Taste some pervert kind of vampirism.

Every time when you bleeding
A fascinating blood-red vine drive mad
And I drown in orgiastic
Creep from your c***.
The critical days have coming
And blood-sucker become furious
Like insect I dig into your,
Into your blooming virgin rose.
I'm greedy, I thirsty for every drop
From your cranny. I'm thirsty,
Drop by drop I sip your honey.
To f***? It's not a f***.
I have a sting in place of my dick.
And what's up? What I doing?
I f***k or I sting?
I suck! And sometime I will suck out
Your life to the last drop
And your innocent your
Empty membrane will be my cruel joke.

She is dead. But I'm hungry again.
I need a fresh menstrual juice.

Soaked - c***t I bleed
Soaked - forever bleed.

Hey girl how do you like my story?
Maybe you want to be my bride?
Maybe your sweet, your innocent
Cranny will give a liquid for eternal life.
I want it. My promise to love you.
And you can live if you suck my dick.
We must be like communicated vessels.
Eternal suckers we are.

Predatory e*****n for you
My lovely girl
So fill my empty veins
With blood and blood with love.

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