Desadobauchery with fish - versuri Disfigurement |
Desadobauchery with fish - versuri Disfigurement |

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Versuri Disfigurement - Desadobauchery with fish

trimise de LoveableLoveable.

Sodom and Gomorrah are sucks
And De Sad is just a child
For this the scaleful.
The deeply vileness

Yes, I love my sleepy fish
Slippery and slowly wish
No one knows that the fish can cry.
Yes I f***k the screaming fish
Victims of my boiling wish
Coming to the surface
Upwards their bellys
Stuffing of my sperm
Superabdominal conception.

Die by my dick in your gills!
Die by my dick in your gills!

I don't need a diving-dress.
Wisp of ooze grown from my a*.
Who am I, the god of the oceans?
Or an unusual miscarriage victim?
My mother let me down
In stinking closet
Since that time the water is my element
Under the pressure of the depths
Degenerate Ikhtiander live!
Desadobauchery with fish
And other sea creatures.
Psycho-s*xual ichthyos
Dick oppression.
The never ended my potention,
Lust and painful inclination.
Twitch of torment twitch in pain,
Desadobauchery in spermolake
With lethal result.
Crazy oral s*x with shark.
Funny kisses

Die by my dick in your gills!
Die by my dick in your gills!

As to me I like my ogry's
I see no rival to resist
If you have a scale with gills,
Swim to me and we can kiss!

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