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Versuri We dare speak - a moment only
- Discharge

They Layed Their Practiced Hands On Him
Bruised And Broke His Skin
Bruised And Broke His Skin
Attacking Big Brother With Rhyme Rhyme Was Is Crime.

A Moment Moment
Moment Only
We Dare We Dare
We Dare We Dare
Speak A Moment
Speak A Moment
A Moment Only
Dare We Speak.

Armed With An Explosive Mind
Words More Deadly Than Bullets It Seems
A Terrorist Of The Most Vicious Kind
Armed With An Explosive Mind.

In The Dead Of Night Came Creeping
The Snakes Of Harm To Root
Leaping To To The Charmers Flute
Dragged Him Screaming from His Bed
Dragged Him Screaming Behind Closed Doors