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Versuri The downward spiral
- Discharge

Mother Dear Mother
It's Cold Tonight
Like Every Other
Every Other Night
But I Never Feel
Feel It Anyway
I'm Gonna Need Something
Something Soon
I Can Feel It
Feel It Begin
But I Don't Know
How I'm Gonna Pay
It Must Be About
Mid December Right Now
And I Think I'm About
I'm Not Real Sure
How Old I Feel
I Lost My Thoughts
In Some Dream
Oh Mother I Don't
Know How
I Got Where I Am
But I'll Try To Explain Anyhow.

See Gradually
You Get Sucked In
Into It
Without Ever Really
Just What's Happening

And That Is When
The Downward Spiral Begins.

Anyway Back To How It All Started
It Started With Dope
Why Not After All It Was Just The Once, I Told Myself
I Didn't Even Like It Very Much
But The People I Was With All Did It
Then I Tried Speed
Why Not After All, It Was Just The Once I Told Myself
The Next Thing I Knew I Was Doing A Couple Of Grams A Week
Then A Friend Introduced Me To Smack- Chasing The Dragon
Why Not After All It Was Just The Once I Told Myself
Why Not After All It Wasn't Using A Needle
Then I Started Doing What I Said I'd Never Do