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trimise de JoyaamoreJoyaamore.

I Remember
All The Marks It Left Up My Arm
Just Trying To Find My Vein
Sometimes It Would Hurt Hurt So Much
But I Kept On Going
Ignoring Ignoring The Pain

As I Sat
With Blood Pouring Down
My Nose And
Nose And Throat
I Lost Contact
Contact With The Real
Real Real Me

I Wasn't As Careful
As I Should Have Been
And Soon It Began To Show
I Started To Feel
Tired And Very Sick
And I Watched My Eyes
Eyes Turn Yellow
It Was Just About Then
That I Parted With Drugs
And Just Had A Drink Now And Then
But Even Before
I Was over Hep
I Had My Friend
In My Arm Again

I Met Up With A Girl A While Ago
She Was Living The Same Life
Lost In The Same Dream
We Shared A Room In The City
Though You Couldn't Really Call It Home
Well It Seemed As Though
Drugs just Destroyed Her Will To Live
She Always Had A Smile For Me Though
Even When She Was Filled With Pain

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