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Toys of acceleration - versuri Disarmonia Mundi |
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Versuri Disarmonia Mundi - Toys of acceleration

trimise de DuduDudu.

Take a look in the mirror
Dive into the black of your eyes for a while to define the shape inside
The thrill to become what they crave for
Burned all the bridges that once led you to this place
Torn out the wings that made you fly away from them

If I just could medicate
If I could take away the pain
Instead of moving downwards
Sinking to the bitter end

Accept the sorrow
As all that matters fades away
Feed your illusions
Inside acceleration
There's no tomorrow
No turning point or circle's end
Just one conclusion
Despite the acceleration

Still I need to believe
Despite the blame, despite the shame
Something's left inside on me
Something that just can't break free
Still I don't know why
I'm pushing it further inside till the point of pain
So nihilistic, just ram it down and blow me away

Like a silent wave
Sweeping all the pain
And the dirt inside of me
I accept the blame
Of this fragile state
And become the enemy

You haven't seen the last of me cause nothing's what it seems to be
So talk s***, then run and hide, you're such a wasted parasite

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