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Versuri Disarmonia Mundi - Stormghost

trimise de DuduDudu.

I have already told you so many times before
We ain't the same at all and never ever were
It seems you're made of plastic, while I'm made of solid stone
I'd rather break down to pieces than crawl like you all do

The blame will tie us together
And pain will hold the strings


A cold September morning
The sun's still up there
But down deep inside me
A storm's raging

You should know your place and stick to it when I'm around
I don't wanna hear your voice or see your goddamn frown
No, I ain't peculiar, I am just unbound
There's a thin line between insanity and lack of morals

Care to see the future? Look at yourself
Mind to face the consequences? I surely will

Raging unbroken, tangled in chains
For rabid spirits never restrain

Stay the f***k away from me
Goddamn you, s***-fed society

Dominance and self-respect
Dominance and free will

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