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Versuri Disarmonia Mundi - Coffin

trimise de DuduDudu.

Wake up to the sound of failure
It's been knocking at your door again
Sure, you look so goddamn delusional
For the only one responsible is yourself

Don't look for a reason
For there ain't one
And you're the only one to blame now

Calling the rise of sunlight
Waiting for a new dream
A horrible feeling is growing
I open my eyes but here
I only see in darkness
My coffin plate: "Remember Me"

And I won't sympathize

You got a chance and you blew it off
You got it twice and lost control

No matter how hard you try
The word failure seems to be part of your DNA

And I won't withstand the cross you should bear
No, I'm not your friend
All I want is to leave from this world and finally to die
(And finally you're gonna get rid of yourself)

How does it feel to be a shadow of yourself?

This ain't but hostility
Cause wolves and dogs don't mix
As simple as it can be
You mean absolutely nothing to me

What it takes to be alive?
Sweat and blood, no compromise
Don't be afraid to live your life
And face the changes it brings

Cheap tricks have failed to sustain your walk
On fragile legs you're about to fall
And the best part
Is that I won't move a finger
To prevent you from drowning

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