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Versuri War crimes
- Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

You should have gone to Canada
You could have run away
But you couldn't shame your parents
You say you had to stay
So you get yourself drafted
So you went ahead and went
And you thought you'd be a hero
And not a dissident.

War Crime.. War Crime.

You used to be a good boy
You used to be the best
Then you tried the drug
Ad you dreamt about the west
Everyone's your enemy
Everyone's your friend
Your world was upside down
To kill was not to sin
So you shot the wrong woman
Or you shot the wrong kid
Now Sam will make you regret

That you ever did
But you had no choice
You were told what to do
Orders from the helicopter crew.

War Crime.. War Crime.

Back home they wanted blood
For the atrocities
For the innocent who died
On they're TVs
They demanded justice
They demanded you
They wanted to watch you hang
Till you turned blue.

War Crime.. War Crime.

And the president said that that's OK
Because it takes they're attention away
>From the real crime, the war
There are no war crimes
War is the crime