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Versuri Dirty - Gangsta wife

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[Intro: Big Pimp]
Now this one right here feel good
Uh, let it play for a minute..
Oh, I ain't got that much time?
Check this out..
To all my niggas out there, that know they'e gangsta
Even though you ain't got no ring on your finger
But it's always the one bitch... I mean one woman
If you got nineteen hoes, it's always that one
you'll die for

[Verse 1: Big Pimp]
I'm on my knees screamin' "Baby I apologize"
'Cause I don' hurt you so much, I know you tire of cryin'
You was there every Sunday when I was doin' time
And sent a letter every Monday just to ease my mind
To let a nigga know that p***y cat was still mine
And bought you two fat dildos just to kill time
The fact that I'm... on the other side of this gla*s
I realize... just exactly what a nigga had
You stayed wit' me... even though I used to spank that a*s
Didn't hesitated wit' me... any time I needed cash
A many days I was stressed out and feelin' bad
You laid me down on my chest and

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