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Seductie - versuri Direcția 5 |

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Versuri Direcția 5 - Seductie

trimise de Hellboy807Hellboy807.

When I, when I'm sitting in the dark
I belive the words you say
When I, when I'm singing with no charm
I belive you're not my way.
Well I smell the richness of the sky
But I still need your shiny eyes
Well, I see the room begins to swim
I know my cares will blow away.

II (x2) :
Blow away, blow away, shine away...

When I feel I'm near the end
Yes, I'll try to save our land
When I, I start to feel the pain
I belive that you couldn't remain.

I've been losing you
I've been losing you
Oh... what a beautiful way
I've been losing control
I've been losing my soul
Oh... what a beautiful way

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