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Versuri Dionysus - Don't forget

You're running to me with a smiling face
I look at you thoughts are hitting me
how could I ever think that it was right
to justify my state of insanity

So I close my eyes and thanking all the gods
that I opened up my mind and realized
that some things are meant to be
So don't forget who I am and that I
always will be there and try
to do the best that I can to be
some one that you can rely on when
life seams to fall apart.
So what ever happened to you... don't forget.
I know that I wanted to run away
and that I painted my world all in black
Could only see the picture of myself
standing there with nothing by broken dreams
I cant ask for understanding cause I know
that what I tried so hard to get away from then
now couldn't live without

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