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Versuri Dion - Two ton feather

trimise de NycoubytaNycoubyta.

I said drive down, baby; you know you strike me kinda funny
You got a handful of gimme & a mouthful of "Thank you honey"

& I say jump back, baby, jump back, baby
Check yourself, don't you wreck yourself
You know it may look like I'm crazy, baby, but I know better
Don't try to hand me no 2-ton feather

You're talkin' to me, baby, like you know somethin' I don't know
So I'll just out, baby, & there you are walkin' in the snow


You want me to wear cardboard & have my food starched
& then you want me to go out into the world & make my mark



You know, baby, you've got a lot
I say to you, baby, no, but you're not

(chorus; substitute last line with "Baby, you're gonna lose your happy home")

Some tellin' me sweet honey don't come from the bees
& then some tellin' me sweet peaches don't come from the trees


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