No one knows - versuri Dion feat The Belmonts |
No one knows - versuri Dion feat The Belmonts |

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Versuri Dion feat The Belmonts - No one knows

trimise de Sely2010Sely2010.

no one knows what i go through
and the tears i cried for you
and when i smile, it's just a pose
my heart is breaking but no one knows

friends won't learn the truth from me
i don't want their sympathy
you go to parties, dances and shows
i still love you but no one knows

maybe some how, some time, some where
you'll walk by and hear my prayer
my loneliness will fade away
darling please tell me you'll stay

but if you should pass me by
i'll be hurt but i won't cry
and though my love for you still grows
i feel it's better if no one knows

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