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Versuri Dinosaur Jr - Goin' home

In the place you said you'd meet me, I don't see you hanging around -I'm goin' home- If that's all
you ever tell me, seems you don't wanna be found -And I'm goin' home- Don't come over, I can't get
lower No more meetin', I been beaten Got a blast of what I should be busy doing. Yes, I'm lost -I'm
goin' home- I want to tell you that I miss you, but I'm p***d you blew me off -I'm goin' home- No
more meetin', I been beaten Go ahead fake it, I can't shake it I breath all alone I need nothing, I
can do By the pound the tension's mountin' wrapped around me feelin' tight -I'm goin' home- If
you're castin' out some psycho, you'll need me. Tantrum? I won't bite -I'm goin' home- On a day
that's burnin' this crazed, don't tempt me 'cause I might -I'm goin' home- If it's gonna be the last
time, well then maybe it's alright -I'm goin' home- It's inside, but go ahead fight it I've about
had it, go ahead grab it I can't take it, go ahead fake it I breath all alone for you I need and you
know it's true I breath all alone fo
r you I need nothin', I can do People tell me that you miss me and I guess I'm doin' fine

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