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Versuri Dingoes - Smooth sailing

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The next best thing to having someone you love
Is having someone that you need
And the next best thing to knowing what to do
Is knowing when it's time to take heed
Because you've been going overboard and its time you got the warning
To keep it on an even keel
Or there won't be any
Smooth Sailing
Smooth Sailing

Just like a troubled ship out on the open sea
You're trying hard to ride out the storm
Your sail are getting tattered
All your trims are shattered,
I doubt if you can take much more.
You been staying out nights
Fighting for your rights
It's time you tried to understand
That there won't be any
Smooth Sailing
Smooth Sailing

If you run out of gas somewhere on the lonesome highway
You better start walking because you're not going to make it any other

There so much to gain
And so much to lose
You got to keep moving ahead
Don't waste your time just hanging around
Think about your future instead
You been trying to hold your man
He's getting out of hand
It's time you started saying a prayer
Because there won't be any
Smooth Sailing
Smooth Sailing
Smooth Sailing
Smooth Sailing

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