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Versuri Dimmu Borgir - In death's embrace

trimise de ZixyZixy.

By the light of the moon
and the beings of the night
A curse has been laid upon us
To seek and tear celestial gloss
to pieces

By the power of death
and the shadow of the Reaper
A call has been brought upon us
To complete the infinite fall
of heaven

Without the wit or will to end this journey
we continue traveling toward our faith
Harvesting helpless Christian spirits
raping the sanctity of saints

The heavenly father is streching his hand
pathetically begging to mercy
We spit and p***s on his sacred flesh
as we breathe the breath on the unholy

For with the sign of the pentagram
Hellfire rage is for us to come
as we shall wander the pit
Unhallowed by the infernal one
we are forever captured
by the embrace of death

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