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Somewhere (Где-то) - versuri Dima Bilan |

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Versuri Dima Bilan - Somewhere (Где-то)

trimise de GiullianaGiulliana.

I keep your letters
Can't stand it no more
Living only by the past
It's like a waking dream
I won't see you
I hate myself
Need to blame somebody
It shouldn't have been like this


While somewhere
In winter and summer
Happiness blinding by it's light
Is waiting for us
Is waiting for us..
(Listen! Wait untill I come!)
I will search for you soon
Over the sun...


Without you I don't want
A night moon in the sky,
Autumn, winter and spring
I don't want them without you.
Everybody say: forget!
We can't return the past
We can't make come back ourselves too
I can't live without you.

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