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Not that simple (corect) - versuri Dima Bilan |
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Versuri Dima Bilan - Not that simple (corect)

trimise de Baicea_CristinaBaicea_Cristina.

You should've written, me a letter Instead of
saying what you say
It could've turned out so much better And now your words
play inside my head
I thought that I was nothing mean By setting you free
It seems the memories are dead And now I'm out of my head
It's not how I planned it
You should be loving me You should be holding me
Why do you choose To turn yourself loose Every word, means
to me
Yet you try desperately
Turning away -
Baby, it's not that simple
For all the nights I lie here waiting Morning
finds me by myself
All you can say that I'm creating My own sad match, my own
for all the loneliness I feel I still want
you here with me When all the screaming is through I've
always been left with you, it-s not how It's not what I

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