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Versuri What kind of love is this
- Dilba

We've gone too far now
Too far my eyes just can't see
How we passably make love now
And despite the circumstances
I love you dear
You hurt me and make me cry
You leave me one million times
But when you need me, you know I will be down
And you haunt me when you're not around.

What kind of love is this,
when we both hide behind our fences
You want to be with me,
but you won't take your chances
What kind of love is this, is it enemy or shelter
Rejecting or tracing me, when you say,
things will get better.
It better.

If I'm your star dear,
then my force should be in your plans
Because you'r my universe dear,
so my heart belong in your hands
Go on and hurt me and make me cry
Leave me, one million times
You know you need me and
You know you're mine so why don't you just
Love and let the sun smile

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