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Versuri Suzy's song
- Dilba

The sun hasn't been merciful,
couldn't care less about my needs
Left my grounds covered with snow
I'm stone-frozen and my heart bleeds
Sue, what could I say.
What could I do, I gave it my heart,
you know it's true
So through the darkness as I fall.
You're always there when I call.


Well I am here,
that's what you say.
You're not alone
I'll share your pain
My world is lost, turned upside down.
There is no need to explain when

you're around
As I get lost in my own madness
discussing what has been said.
You keep an eye on the project
and lead me to my heart from my head.
Suzy understands.


As I think again.
The best thing I've got will
always remain, the same.
Misery, pain and disaster will never turn
into catastrophe as I've got Suzy
to share it with me.

That's my best friend Suzy

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