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Versuri Perfect
- Dilba

I love it, when you blush
Too shy to look me straight in the eyes
And you are blessed with the worlds sweetest smile
I don't want to do wrong, but I can't hide.

Darling I, sometimes forget
And then I do things I regret
Will do right and only my best
But I'm not perfect.

It's like a hug, you know when, it's been held on "a bit to long"
It's like that kiss, that I'm sure you dreamed of
It is all my best wishes gathered in this song
It's about thinking right and doing wrong.

When I smile, though I feel like crying
It's not the time, I say, though I know I'm lying
Wish I could hold you but I can't stand being held.

I really do my best and only my best
But I'm not perfect

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