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Versuri Ocean blue eyes
- Dilba

Take my heart along, when you walk out that door
I'm not hoping to love or trust anymore
Now nothing has changed and it's not the same anymore
Well if I'm your biggest secret, if your not supposed to tell
If my love made you think then darling please think again
Because you won't get to heaven,
when what you do fits best in hell.

I got lost in your ocean blue eyes
You're not him and I'm not the one
To die away forever just to live through a little while
Yes, I got lost in your deep blue eyes
Love come so quick wish that I knew why
I'll regret this ever after, imagining you where mine.

Well, It's a heartless destiny, when the timing is wrong
It's like having chorus, verse and bridge
together but it still won't make that song
Now I can't get this together so I've got to move on.
We had no proof, no evidence.
Not a single line to my defense.
There was not much to talk about we
both knew, this was the heist..
Heist of them all, boy when I.

Baby, you where buying time on
my account just to make her smile
you where never mine, when I

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