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Versuri Digital Underground - Wheee!

[Shock G]
Ridin in a drop top 'Vette doing ninety
Front seat fresh ho, no five-oh behind me
I know it is a fat house party, so yo bust the def left
Rich baby's parents went away for the weekend
Oooh, there's plenty of freaks left
And there's gonna be freakin, the house party's peakin
So I'm sneakin upstairs with a fresh stunt
Grabbed the rump, pushed the stunt in the closet
Sparked the blunt, humped the rump
Puffed the blunt, bust a nut ­ AAHHH! Oohwee

[Money B]
Boss says it's cool to come to work when you can make it
Halle Berry lyin in your bed butt-stankin naked
The deck is on me, here's some more condoms I think I wanna gee
She said, my friend it makes me wanna sing mememememe
Boss says it's cool to come to work when you can make it
Halle Berry sittin in your bed butt-stankin naked
[laughing] You know what I'm saying, ay, I just gotta scream

Wheee! (x8)

[Money B]
Ha-ha-ha, I chuckle to myself
That's the way I feel, you wanna know the scoop?
When you're getting up, you're on your way to school
And then you find out, that it's a holiday
Tank is on full, the sun is in the sky
So you drop the top, it's time get out
Kind of how it is when you kick eight bars
And not rhyme once and still sound fly

[Shock G]
Wheee, peekin at the Smith girl, sneakin out the backdoor
Leapin in the neighbour's pool naked
Story uhm, ahh, errr, I scream, I
Join in skinny dip swimming, shakin when the wind blows
Swan dive, ha ha ha, errr, ummm, ah, f***k it!


Whoopsy daisy, as she busts my eyes close
Excuse the pitch if I slip and my rhyme's slow
But I got a feelin ho is appealin
I'm sittin underground but my head is to the ceiling
Ooooh, I got a freak on the way
She wants to come I'mma make her stay
Wheee! Cause the girl love's to geeee
Especially when it comes to Cleeeee
And when I bust a nut I'll say whee, hee-hee

Um, yeah, Smooth's havin fun cause he's got his flow on
Call me a freak jack-in-the-box, yeah I'll go on
A tight skirt and a tail makin crazy mail
In living colour, gumbo from my mother
Roller coaster, toast, jam
Martin Lawrence skins when I slam
Spill a fat drink like a gobstopper
When you see me in a club you know I'll holla

In comes three times when I nut
Put my dick in her butt, walked on her c***t
I sneeze, made her jump, let me tell it
Put my finger in her a*, let her smell it
Close the door, pretend I'm takin a s***t
But I really got my toes pointed, hand on my dick
I'm sick, I got the flu
But I'll still kiss you till you smell like
Doodoo! My a*s is soggy
My drawers are wet, they're kinda foggy
I can't see a thing, I feel like a big fat
Bing! Bong! Ding! Dong!
I got camel humps on my back
I got bald head butt corduroy calluses all on my hand
I smell like, uh, the Bee Gees band
Damn, that s***t was wack!

[Shock G]
I'm snugglin in the arms of a fresh stunt
Bosoms in my grill, peepin Benny Hill with a fat blunt
John Madden Football, a fat hit off the beadie
Doggystyle behind the bed and still can see the TV
Silly cartoons is getting watched
Like Juju ("Si, Inspector") I think I see the blootch
BOOM! My mistake, it was 'de boom'
Bust in on my man in the next room
Wheee! F***k you, Johnny
The spoon-fed Apple Jacks in bed room
Fresh freak with the ice cubes and a lot of headroom
A dope ho strip show with all the girls we know
I won't kiss the feet if the girlie's got cheese toes
Clee won't leave me alone, I'm five gees, gone
Wheee, Cleee...

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