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Versuri Digital Ruin - Along the way

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All the lines are drawn when the curtain falls
As I've said my last
But I'm not like the rest
Couldn't seem to pass that test
And those things in me will never change
No, you never truly listened to what I had to say
But I know you'll hear me in this way

It's only me again
It's late and I've had some time to think
And write a few thoughts before I sleep

Someday you may look and see
You never found that place you seek
And if you're down for the count
I'll still be there to lift you out

Run from your life
But don't carry the lies
Along the way
You'll always hide the truth inside
So now you're on your way
Run from your life
But you're leaving people
Along the way
You think you'll find a better day
Don't you know you'll never get away

Even in the end you won't come clean
But one look into your eyes
And that's all I'll need



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