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Versuri Dies Irae (Mexico) - Slow, slow

trimise de SenenSenen.

I want to give you
a piece of myself
I want to smell you
from your skin to your veins
I want to lick all your body
and suck all your neck
and then what?...

Slow, slow
my eyes are lost in your soul
Slow, slow
I need to break inside your bones
in your snow, your snow
my legs turn cold, my arms turn warm
And slow, slow
Your naughty words are not enough.

Your hand caressing
my face, all my head
my shaking tongue
makes you laugh
makes you cry
and for a second
I think that
it makes a crime.

If you whisper words
I'll be deaf, I'll be blind
if you sing a song
I'll be feeling your respite
if you take a breath
I'll just be thinking to stay inside.

I want to bite you
and nibble your breast
I wish to find
all your fears, all your facets
I need to rape
all the secrets you have inside.

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