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Versuri Dies Irae (Mexico) - Shattered mockery

trimise de AshokAshok.

Pretty poor
the spiritual devices form
another way of life beyond.

Asking for!
mechanical devices form
to torture
blind another human sight.

Maybe it hurts
my anger will turn into laugh
getting strong
every second that it lasts.

That it seems
my soul takes apart of me
but I see
another one of my partners here
smiling in dark!
oh beautiful glorious time.

a single silly night's mistake,
so it has been
punished with this f***g rage
a single silly night's mistake.

Iron forks
steel inside my bones
Broken laws
dominion's rape my soul

Killing works
turn into steel my wounds,
Spirit soiled
with metal, blood and knuckles broken

Here in the dark
I really will discover light
down in the ground
you're f***g masters of disguise.

Leave the night
I've found my life inside my mind
I enjoy my fear
just turn my lust into sickening greed.

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