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Versuri Dies Ater - Dethrone the weak mortality

trimise de DenisaaDenisaa.

leader of these thundering dark legions,

Blessed by the
shadows' power, honoured by the twilight of proud.

We hail you. "

In the valley of
depraved thoughts, where retention disappears

Scaring, slightly
shadowed lights untomb lost hearts

While an infernal
gift of wisdom stoking a redeeming fire

Strafing life, as
infinity winds in corroding, leeching fields.

- Dethrone the
weak mortality -

I'd wandered
around millions of these soothing places,

Seen hundreds of
defiled souls, preserving humbling secrets

Blinded by hate,
driven by unknown inner instinct

Still I was on a
sensitive search to obtain higher values.

On a gloomy autumn
night, spotted by a fatal glimpse

My consternated
body, willing to run, not able to move

A piercing scream,
brightens the surrounding darkness,

An unsacred
creature, haunting this bleeding place.

- Dethrone the
weak mortality -

A treasure to
feed my hunger, to grant me peace?

Hark! A nearing,
provoking challenge for me to come,

Time to forget
former battles of irrelevant insignificance.

A deserved
catastrophe for all these grudging cowards

To dethrone this
weak mortality - flame of darkness.

A forbidden,
seductive strength, enchanting my senses

Mocking weakness
in serenades of despise - free to rise

Valuable sins
waiting for my unholy, deadly commands

Shadows flee in
cold despair, a world is bleeding

An unstained dream
to conquer yet reaching higher

To catch the
luminous, oppressing moon, the depraving fire

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