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Versuri Die Apocalyptischen Reiter - Reitermaniacs

trimise de DuduDudu.

Brothers we are
From each other never far
Cause our hearts beat as one
United in the battle to hail the holy Metal
Kingdom Reitermania will come

Soon everyone can hear the freedom call

Reitermaniacs will never fall

We are the hope, feel the mystical might

And fight with us in the army of light

Can you feel the power

We will push it to the max

All for one and one for all

We are Reitermaniacs

Our will is unbreakable
We know no lie we won't hide
Life is our fight and we ride on to guide
The army of light
We search for the glory
To give reasons for a new history
Soon we will reach our aim
Reitermania will not just be a flame

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